14 Day Podcast Launch Challenge

A Free Email Course that teaches you to Launch your Podcast from scratch, with a proven step-by-step process, in just 14 days.

You're audience is waiting...

You're audience is waiting...

Why Should You Podcast?

Podcasting helps you, your brand and your audience in several ways. To name a few :

  1. Helps you build a Personal Brand.

  2. Helps you Establish your Authority as an

    Industry figure.

  3. Helps you build a Passive Source of income.

    Affiliates, Partnerships and Support links.

  4. Helps you voice your thoughts and showcase your skills and industry insights.

  5. Your listeners look up to you as their industry expert and share your Podcast within their

    community. Free Promotion.

  6. Low Production cost. You can literally record your Podcast from your car, couch or laundry


What you get inside

  • Email #1 : Why do you need to Launch your Podcast?

  • Email #2 : Choosing your Podcast Topic

  • Email #3 : Planning your Podcast Content

  • Email #4 : Choosing Your Podcast Hosting Service

  • Email #5 : Designing Your Podcast Cover that Attracts Listeners

  • Email #6 : Write a Catchy Bio that Hooks Listeners

  • Email #7 : Podcast Launch Day + Promotion

What You Need to Know

You will get 1 email every 2 days

Every email has an Activity Section for you

Voice Your Thoughts.

Take this Challenge.

Launch Your Podcast in 14 Days.

About The Creator


Kay Suthar

Kay Suthar is the CEO of the Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency. She is the creative force behind Make Your Mark Podcast.

Kay launched her podcast to boost her brand, authority and visibility where she grew her network and built relationships among 7-figure industry experts.